Indonesia and Burma and Restless Dreams as Summer Winds Down

I am fascinated by shadow puppets and marionettes. I started collecting them in while in graduate school with a dream of someday visiting Java, Bali and Burma (Myanmar). That dream is yet unfulfilled but planning has begun and will have to include a trip to Borneo too. 

Javanese wayang klitlik puppet from my own collection.


Balinese shadow puppet depicting Api or Fire at the American a Museum of Natural History.


Javanese wayang klitlik puppets also at AMNM.


My Burmese marionettes.






5 thoughts on “Indonesia and Burma and Restless Dreams as Summer Winds Down

    • I use the WordPress Zoren theme for my site. I have been enjoying your posts too and the lovely photographs. I’ll be sure to continue to comment too! It’s great to get feedback from you – it helps me to decide to keep posting though I can only manage about one time a week for now!

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